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#ActuallyAutistic logo, wordmark, and icon
#ActuallyAutistic logo on a white baseball cap #ActuallyAutistic logo on red and white pin-on buttons
#ActuallyAutistic white t-shirt


The purpose of this three-part, semester-long project was to brand (or rebrand) a chosen social movement that struggles with communication. This was accomplished through a creative brief, brand toolkit/standards, and a guerrilla or ambient campaign.
The goal of #ActuallyAutistic is to amplify the voices and experiences of Autistic people above the noise of neurotypicals (those with brain functions, behaviours, and processing considered standard/typical) and those who believe they can speak for Autistics.
What you see here are key parts of the brand toolkit and ambient campaign. Everything was created from scratch, as the hashtag had no previous branding. Since the movement is primarily online, a logo designed to fit in a circle frame was needed, along with a wordmark for any headers or print material. The expressions are designed to “get the word out” about the movement to draw people to social media.